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DC Drives

A wide range of high performance variable speed drives for DC motors are available in 2 quadrant and 4 quadrant, fully digital and isolated types. Shree Venkateshwara Controls provides products wit Read more

Dc Drives

Abhar offers the versatile Penta Power range of AC and DC drives from KB Electronics Inc, USA. The KBMM full wave DC motor control is the ultimate in reliability and performance. It contains direct fe Read more


Integrated Drive Systems has supplied a range of variable speed DC drives for textiles, jute, paper and other process industries. The drives with solid state SCRs for single multi motor application ar Read more

DC Drives

Manoj Industries manufactures the Dynaflux range of state-of-the-art DC drives and controls. The drives are offered in various mountings. Features include Max/Min speed overload protection, ie, IR com Read more

DC Drives

Benz Electricals & Electronics manufactures BEE Drives. The products are highly accurate and extremely linear thyristor controlled DC drives. The company has in-house manufacturing activity of DC driv Read more

DC drives

Thyristorised drives with soft start, armature voltage feed back and field failure protection suitable for all DC motors up to 10 HP, manufactured by Mumbai-based Eltek Equipments. Drives with autovar Read more

DC Drives

Kulcon Automation offers DC-DRIVES. These are 3-phase full wave 6 pulse thryristorised drives for controlling speed-torque of DC motors by varying armature voltage in stepless mode. These units are op Read more

DC Drives

Siddhi-Tech Enterprise offers DC Drives. DC drive comes with the following specifications: input - 230 V AC; output - 0-180 V DC; capacity - up to 1 HP; and size: 96*96*150. The company specialists in Read more

DC Drives

Bhartia Industries offers DC Drives, DC Reg. These are designed for the power supply to the armature and field circuits of direct current motors. Specifications and features: 2 and 4 quadrant; 10 A to Read more

DC Drives

Gururaj Engineers offers a DC Drive, GE 157. It is a very stable compact DC drive, which can be used for up to 2 hp DC motors. This can accept different types of inputs like start, stop, inch (optical Read more

Single-Phase Wall-Mounted Dc Drives

Auto Power's highly versatile full-wave half-converter assures best motor performance DC Drives. It is constructed in totally enclosed, ventilated, rugged MS CRCA sheet with powder coated body. The co Read more

DC Drives, Modular And Panel Mounting

Auto Power offers basic 1-phase, 2-pulse (full wave half controlled) DC drives. These are available as chasis mount units for OEM or a panel builder who may want to build his own customised system by Read more

DC Drives, Thyristor

Theta Controls offers variable speed DC, designed for applications requiring high torque at low speed, or constant torque at all speeds. These drives include armature and tacho feedback, electronic cu Read more

Thyristor dc drives

Electroquip offers a range of thyristor DC drives. Model TDR 100 is a base plate mounting type module. The size is 390 (H) x 250 (W) x 200 (D) mm. The supply is 3-phase 415 V AC. This is suitable for Read more

Thyristor DC drives

Electroquip offers thyristor DC drives, Model TDR 72 (size: 72 x 72 x 110 mm) and Model TDR 96 (size: 96 x 96 x 110 mm). These are suitable for speed control of 1/16 HP to 1 HP PMDC/ shunt motors. The Read more

PWM DC Drives

Punjab Recorders offers PWM DC Drive, SCON-T2440. It is a PWM (open loop) brushed DC motor control manufactured with quality components. It works up to 40 amps with 24 V DC. Specifications - PWM varia Read more


Kat Controls offers Analogue DC Drives. It is highly reliable. It offers high performance. It is durable. Features: modular construction for easy maintenance and ready for mounting inside a panel; bot Read more

Thyristorised DC Drives

Amess Controls offers Thyristorised DC Drives, 1EB96/ 2EB96. This comes with the following salient features: On/ Off switch; speed setting potentiometer on front panel; settings - Max speed, Min speed Read more

Digital DC Drives

Control Techniques offers Digital DC Drives, Mentor II. These are available from ranges: 25 to 1850 A; voltages: 220 V, 400 V, 525 V, and 660 V AC. Features: single and four quadrant models; armature Read more

Variable Speed DC Drives

Integrated Automation Systems offers Variable Speed DC Drives. The drives are available in single and three phase versions for half and full control up to 220 kW/300 HP. They have supplied drives for Read more