Clutch Brake Combinations

Clutch Brake Combinations

Narsipur & Sons

Narsipur & Sons manufacture Clutch Brake Combinations in which modular and compact clutch brake units with mounting methods as per IEC standards are suitable for direct mounting in motors and gearboxes. These are available with electrically or mechanically actuated brakes where over running of the parts is not acceptable as in case of reversible drives, variable speed gearboxes, etc. Their single disc clutches and brakes are available in the torque range 0.1 Nm to 150 Nm. Narsipur & Sons has served clients such as OEMs, reputed manufacturers of machine tools, textile machineries, packaging machineries, printing machineries, photo copying machines and automobile speed limiters. The company is also engaged in manufacturing precision spur gears and helical gears as per customers’ requirements. It enjoys the advantage of having modern facilities, gear testing equipment, skilled operators and is committed to supply high quality, precision gears in bulk quantities.

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  • Machine tool
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  • Pharmaceutical industries, etc

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