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The plough is a machine used in farming for initial cultivation of soil in preparation for sowing seed or planting. It has been a basic instrument for most of recorded history, and represents one o Read more

Plough Shear Mixer/Dryer

Plough Shear Mixers/Dryers are used in chemical and allied industries. The mixer can be used for a variety of applications like mixing, granulation, drying, etc, for a number of products. The worki Read more

Rotary Plough Feeders

TRF Limited manufactures Rotary Plough Feeders that provide a convenient means of extracting raw materials from longitudinal slot bunkers and delivering it to a reclaim belt conveyor running underneat Read more

Disc Plough

Disc Plough is a hydraulically operated basic implement for the preparation of land and can be mounted directly on tractors. It is especially used in hard and dry trashy stumpy land condition and i Read more

Ploughshare Mixer

Traxit Engineers offers a revolutionary Ploughshare Mixer that works on the principle of mechanical fluidisation of the products being processed. It consists of a cylindrical horizontal vessel housin Read more

Mounted Disc Plough

The primary purpose of ploughing is to turn over the upper layer of the soil, bringing fresh nutrients to the surface, while burying weeds and the remains of previous crops, allowing them to break dow Read more

Plough Shear Mixer Cum Granulator

Filtromix offers a Plough Shear Mixer cum Granulator. A plough shear mixer can be used for solid mixing, solid liquid mixing, homogenising, blending, granulation, multiple phase reactions and drying. Read more

Ploughshare Mixer

TRAXIT Ploughshare Mixer is a very versatile mixer and can be used for mixing of materials in various phase interactions like : Solid – Solid, Solid – Liquid, Solid – Gaseous etc. With proper addition Read more

Plough Shear Mixer

Pratham Engineering offers Plough Shear Mixer with the mixing drum filled 30-70% and the rotation speed adjusted according to the size of the mixer, the plough shaped shovels attain a wiring, three di Read more

Plough Shear Mixers

Jaya Engineering Company, an ISO 9001: 2008 company, offers Plough Shear Mixers. A plough shear mixer consists of a horizontal cylindrical vessel with multiple plough shaped shovels mounted on the mai Read more

Mounted Disc Plough (Tubular Frame)

Shri Kanhaiyalal Ramratan Krishi Yantra Laghu Udyog, an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company by BSCIC, offers Mounted Disc Plough (Tubular Frame).