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Magnetic Grills

Vibromag is among the leading manufacturers of magnetic process equipment, offering high precision range of equipment such as magnetic grills, suspended permanent magnets overband self cleaning magnet Read more

Filter grill kits

Acme Electronics, manufacturer of industrial control panels and accessories sets, has recently developed filter grill kits. These are used under normal ambient conditions to provide cooling free from Read more

Aluminium Architectural Grills

Kesri Metals offers Aluminium Architectural Grills. These exclusive and unique aluminium grills are the result of a sophisticated process that stretches a solid length of aluminium extrusion into a sl Read more

High Power Grill Magnet

These magnetic separators using super power Rare Earth Magnets ensures separation of ferrous & paramagnetic particles for high level of purity & ensures all most 100% separation. These magn Read more

Linear Grilles

Contemporary interiors in large offices, public areas of hotels and hospitals call for uncluttered looking walls and false ceilings with linear grilles used for supply and return air. Chauhan Engineer Read more

Double Deflection Grilles

Double deflection grilles are most desirable for supply air in side-wall locations. With aerofoil shape louvers in both horizontal and vertical directions, minor air motion problems can be quickly cor Read more

Combination Grilles With Filter Frame

The combination grilles with filter frame are ideal for ceiling installation for return air to fan coil units in hotel or hospital rooms. Removable core with air filter fixing frame simplifies regular Read more

Air Diffusers and Grilles

Athos Control System offers Air Diffusers and Grilles, which have minimum resistance to the flow of air and also encompass larger target areas of the production departments, to have uniform distributi Read more

Magnetic Grill – Drawer Type

Drawer Type Magnetic Grill can be fitted simply in existing hoppers, pipe line or outlet of various equipments like pulverisor, blenders or any other outlet location. In standard type single row of ma Read more

Permanent Magnetic Grills (Hoppers)

Santosh Magnetic Works offers Permanent Magnetic Grills (Hopper Magnets). These simple and very efficient permanent magnetic grills are indispensable for trapping and separating iron pieces in the for Read more