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Copper Tubings-Single Line Pvc Coated

Udeyraj manufactures copper tubings that are plastic coated. They are available in 1/4", 6mm, 8mm, 3/8"or 1/2"copper, jacketed with 1 mm PVC lengths to 15,50,100 metres. Read more

Epoxy Coated Ph Electrode

Hi-Tech Accessories offers electrode made of impact resistant epoxy material. The electrode comes with a BNC connector suitable for a variety of pH meters. It can also be supplied with different types Read more

Diamond coated multipurpose edge sharpening tools

Wendt India, a manufacturer of diamond/CBN tools, has launched Edgestar, a range of diamond coated multipurpose edge sharpening tools. The range is ideally suited for a variety of sharpening and filli Read more

Vacuum pump, wetted parts teflon coated

High Speed Appliances manufactures a vacuum pump, Model HSV-1A, with wetted parts Teflon coated. Features: oil less vacuum pump; exclusive oil less construction of diaphragm never requires lubrication Read more

All position electrode, heavy coated

Pace Weld Industries offers a heavy coated, rutile type all position electrode, Model Indo-Commander-SS. This is specially designed for obtaining weld of radio graphic quality at high welding speed fo Read more

All position electrode, medium heavy coated

Pace Weld Industries offers a medium heavy coated, rutile type all position electrode, Model Indo-Commander-S. This is heavy coated rutile type X-ray quality, all position electrode. It can be use for Read more

Copper Coated Steel Tinning Wires

Deqing Huacheng offers Copper Coated Steel Tinning Wire. Characteristics: electroplate steel packed by tinned copper is made by the electroplate method with the average tin or tin lead alloy on the su Read more

Copper Coated Steel Wires

Deqing Huacheng offers a Copper Coated Steel Wire. Steel packed by copper is made by the soft or hard steels based on heartwood, with the uniformity copper layer on its surface and fine admittance. It Read more

Silicone Coated PET Protective Film

The Silicone Coated PET Protective Film, PTP-8113 is a high performance protective film made in Taiwan. It makes use of 75 ?m PET film as a substrate, which is coated on silicone adhesives to get up t Read more


Unnati Industries manufactures PTFE/ Teflon Coated Fibreglass Fabrics. It is non-sticky, friction free, self lubricating, non-wettable, non-flammable, non-brittle, non-toxic, resistance to atmospheric Read more