Humidity Transmitters

Humidity Transmitters

Aykay Electronics

Aykay Electronics offers Humidity Transmitters. A800 series and A700 series are designed for temperature and humidity control in conditioning and ventilation application in the following sectors: pharmacy, museums, clean rooms, ventilation ducts, industrial and civil sectors, crowded places, canteens, auditoria, gyms, high-density farms, greenhouse, etc. A800: RH+T transmitter with internal sensor and with display. A800E: RH+T transmitter with external sensor and with display. A700: RH+T transmitter with internal sensor but without display. A700E: RH+T transmitter with external sensor but without display. Since 1991, Aykay Electronics, is providing products and solutions for instrumentation equipment, pressure transmitter, temperature transmitter, temperature, relative humidity, electrical parameters, pressure, level, flow, RPM, time and counts. The equipment includes data acquisition software, paperless recorders, turnkey instrumentation, computer data acquisition software, temperature transmitters, pressure transmitters, datalogger (8-channel), datalogger (16-channel), data scanner (8-channel), data scanner (16-channel), paperless recorder, electromagnetic flow meters, thyristor units, modulating valves, thermocouples, RTD and cables.

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