Evaporative Condenser

Evaporative Condenser

Metro Refrigeration Industries

Metro Refrigeration Industries offers Evaporative Condenser. Metro Evaporative Ammonia Condensers are heavy duty industrial units that provide efficient, economical, dependable refrigeration for industries. These condensers have a compact design and requires less floor space. The Product range of compressors are available in various models with different capacities up-to 453600 kcal with use of ammonia refrigerant. 

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  • Condensers Coils: Heavy duty coils are made from SS 304/MS tubes (Galvanised) for maximum heat transfer at low consumption of power & water. The complete coil unit is hydraulically tested.
  • Axial Fan: The rugged high tensile aluminum alloy fan blades are designed to give high air velocity along with years of trouble free service. The multi-blade impeller fans are mounted directly on the motor shaft. The sturdy fan housing are made from heavy gauge metal sheet. Fan motors are of totally enclosed type air-over motor design which ensure long life service.
  • Eliminators: Scientifically formed heavily eliminator to control entrained moisture.
  • Spray Nozzles: Special metal, easy cleanable and arranged to completely spear condenser coil with water.raulic pressure at our factory to ensure leak proof.
  • Pump: Conservatively sized from maximum water quality. Centrifugal type, enclosed electric motor is directly connected to the unit in horizontal position. The suction line of the Pump is constantly immersed in the water reservoir assuring positive water circulation.
  • Casing: Heavy gauge steel sheet are used for construction of casings. The units are painted with electrostatic paint for protection against moisture and rust.
  • Installation: The refrigerant and water line connections are flanged type for quick installation. The electrical junction box is located on the unit for wiring.
  • Testing: The unit coils are tested up-to 25 Kg/Cm hydraulic pressure at our factory to ensure leak proof.

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