High Alumina Grinding Ball

High Alumina Grinding Ball

Mahek Enterprises

The High Alumina Grinding Ball is a grinding body used in ball mill, pot mill and other fine breaking plants. It has an advantage of high volumetric density and anti-corrosion. These ball have better smashing efficiency and scuff-resistance than common ball-stone or natural cobblestone. These are widely used in processing industry for manufacture of ceramics, glasses, porcelain enamels, pigments and chemicals. The roll granulation production method ensures uniform hardness from surface to centre of the grinding media.

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Wear behaviour: small grain-size keeps the wear on the media even and minimum; saves time: the high density and perfect roundness offers greater grinding efficiency, thus saving time; saves cost: the high impact strength and wear resistance reduces replacement costs; quality and sizes: the variety of media sizes ranges from 0.5 mm to 60 mm and alumina purity ranges from 92% to 99.5%, thereby offering a range of options to fit in all the grinding requirements.

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