Ceilings Solutions

Ceilings Solutions

Everest Industries Limited

Everest Industries has transformed from a roofing products company into an organisation, which offers a wide range of solutions for all building construction needs. The company offers complete range of building solutions, viz., roofing, ceilings, walls, flooring, cladding, doors and pre engineered buildings for industrial, commercial and residential sector, and has extended its product portfolio to include a new product specifically designed for the suspended false ceiling segment. Everest Ceiling Solutions overcome all traditional problems. Besides being 100% asbestos free they are fire resistant, termite proof and great sound absorbers. Ideal for specific needs in residential, commercial and industrial segments, Everest ceiling boards can be aesthetically finished with a variety of options. Everest ceiling solutions include standard ceilings, designer ceilings and acoustic ceilings complimented with ceiling grid systems. Standard ceilings are made using the HPSC process to withstand extreme conditions in commercial, industrial and residential installations. Designer ceilings are specifically made to give an aesthetic look to the décor and are absolutely moisture resistant, fire resistant and easy to install. Acoustic ceiling tiles offer great look and acoustic quality, which provide best solution for ceilings in business and recreational areas. Finally, Everest ceiling grid system has a wonderful reputation in the market for its speed of installation coupled with reliability, versatility and aesthetic qualities .The state-of-the art technology ensures the highest quality at the right price. The ceiling grids are rolled out of hot-dip galvanised steel and provide effective protection against corrosion. To ensure safety from fire all components are provided with fire expansion notch to allow expansion due to heat. This is compatible to all standard fittings and fixtures for air conditioning ducts and diffusers, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, sprinklers, etc., providing better appearance to the interiors.

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