Panel bender represents Salvagnini’s spirit of innovation

Buoyed by government’s initiatives to invest in Infrastructure, Railways, Green energy, etc, the Indian sheet metal industry is growing at 20-25%.
Panel bender represents Salvagnini’s spirit of innovation
Buoyed by government’s initiatives to invest in Infrastructure, Railways, Green energy, etc, the Indian sheet metal industry is growing at 20-25%. Helping this industry’s growth is Salvagnini Group with its latest machines with Flexible Manufacturing Systems for processing sheet metal. In India, we want to tap SMEs by helping them to adapt bending automation using new PX panel bender which can be integrated to third party robot for loading and unloading, says Puneet Sharma, Country Head India, Salvagnini. In this interview with Rakesh Rao, he elaborates more on trends in sheet metal processing industry and the offerings of Salvagnini for the growing Indian market.
Kindly brief us about Salvagnini and its business in India.
Salvagnini Group, which has five plants and presence in 70 countries worldwide, has more than 50 years of experience in the field of Flexible Manufacturing systems for processing sheet metal. Salvagnini Machinery India, established in 2010, currently has registered office in Bangalore with the presence in Delhi, Pune and Chennai. We have applications in 160 sectors and key end users in India are elevators industry, steel furniture, HVAC, electrical industry making enclosures, canopies of silent DG sets, etc.
Could you elaborate more on your “Social Industry” concept? What is the relevance of this to a country like India?
Salvagnini defined a new paradigm “Social Industry”- cyber-physical systems (CPS) and digital technologies-clouds, IoT,Big Data - work together to improve working conditions and increase the productivity and quality of plants, developing cooperation between all the production process stakeholders - operator, machinery and tools - while respecting the environment. 
Social Industry comes from human-centric approach where it is highly worthy and significant in terms of perception, reaction and production, which are human friendly with safety and well-being. In India still, we lack in terms of human safety on machines where Salvagnini has moved towards Social Industry with “Care for Mankind” approach.
What is the current status of Indian sheet metal processing sector?
India’s sheet metal market is growing at 20-25%, which is majorly due to the present government’s initiatives for the development and investment in infrastructure, railways, green energy, telecom and textile machinery. A lot of sheet metal importers from Europe and US are shifting from China to India, which is again a key for the Indian sheet metal industry to gear up with adaptive technologies.
As the head of India Operations, what are your priorities for Salvagnini at present? 
With my 25 years of experience in the Indian sheet metal industry, we wish to bring concepts of Industry 4.0 in India as it involves many aspects and concepts which, if not correctly applied, can thwart all the effort and investments made. Entrepreneurs will have to transform companies and manage changes more effectively and efficiently. There is still a lot of work to be done, above all thinking about the integration of all the different links in the production chain within a digitised business, from design to the physical production.
Please shed more light on some of your recent product launches/innovations?
Recently, we launched 3 new generation machines. The 6kW high power density source was introduced on the L5 high-dynamic fiber laser. Second, we introduced the AU-TO automatic tool change and ATA (Auto Tool Adjustment) on the High end  B3 Press brake.
Third, P2-lean Panel bender was introduced with interesting feature. The development and implementation of a specific tool, as well as the integration with a third-party technology – an ACF Corner-former - today allow the cold forming of panel corners without any additional welding, grinding, finishing or polishing activities.
Each machine - whether it is a laser, Press-brake or Panel bender - notifies the next one what it is machining in order to prepare it for the next process; each collaborates and interacts to produce what is required, when it is required. And each machine is connected through a specific software (OPS) that can also communicate with self-guided vehicles (SGVs) which move freely, managing the flow of semi-finished parts. This is the real meaning of factory digitization and Industry 4.0, Salvagnini style.
In India, what can we expect from your company in 2020? What kind of new opportunities are you looking to tap in India? 
The panel bender is the machine that, more than any other, represents Salvagnini’s spirit of innovation, a technology in which the Group is world leader. Fully automated and adaptive, with fifteen different models available, the Salvagnini panel bender confirms its place as one of the stars of the Social Industry. This is exactly why in IMTEX 2020 we will be putting a third-generation PX compact panel bender on show: Evolution of this New Panel bender, thanks to its high productivity and versatility, as well as its low energy consumption and compact size.
In India, we want to tap SMEs by helping them to adapt bending automation using new PX panel bender which can be integrated to third party robot for loading and unloading.
How are you serving SMEs - a dominate part of the Indian industry, yet a cost-conscious segment? 
Salvagnini has contributed to the growth of SMEs, we have success stories of SMEs from various fields using Salvagnini technology starting from almost zero in INR 50 crores in record 3-4 years time.
Need for automation is growing across industries. How are you tapping this trend?
Salvagnini is the leader in automation, smart factory, Industry 4.0 and the production of flexible machinery and systems for sheet metal machining. We already have successfully running in 18 automated lines in India.
What are some of the emerging trends in your industry? 
More and more customers are investing in automation, flexible systems and FMS lines. Especially in bending technology, we see customers changing their mindset to invest on panel bender rather than old conventional bending methods. Moving from stand- alone press brakes to panel benders where the concept of Kit production is catching up.
What will be the focus of Salvagnini at IMTEX Forming 2020?
Salvagnini panel bender is an automatic machine in every aspect, and as such is ideal for a modern smart factory.
We are happy to introduce our new Panel Bender PX at IMTEX Forming this year. Key features of the PX include auto tool setup, kit production – every job can be of different thickness, MAC2.0 – material adaptability, and lower power consumption.
This new machine, which runs on electric actuators, has reliability and repeatability. The PX is of course an adaptive machine, able to react and set itself up according to changes in bending conditions - for example according to temperature or the ultimate tensile strength of the material being bent. This guarantees the precision, repeatability and quality of the finished product, resulting in zero waste and reduced downstream corrections.
 Would you like to share any message for the industry and the visitors of the Expo?
The success of businesses is proportional to the ability to adapt quickly to new scenarios which are no longer foreseeable. We must therefore be flexible and resilient, able to adapt to situations which we don’t know today, and to do so I think it is fundamental to choose the right way of manufacturing, where Salvagnini come in to play in giving solutions like Flex cell, FMS and New generation bending technology to Indian sheet metal industry. We welcome you to our IMTEX 2020 booth (C-101, HALL-H4) to witness by yourself this technology for businesses that look 
to the future.
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