Satronix making its mark on power electronics sector

The company is the leader in power electronics product and is known for constantly moving on to the next level in circuit design.
Satronix making its mark on power electronics sector
The company is the leader in power electronics product and is known for constantly moving on to the next level in circuit design.
Satronix, which introduced solid state relays (SSRs) in India almost 39 years ago in 1980, is planning to focus on exports for growth in the coming years.  The company is one of the leading manufacturers of widest range of SSRs, solid state interface modules, digital SCR power controller modules, digital capacitor switching modules, digital soft starters cum digital energy savers worldwide. Be it the simple SSR to the most complex ones, it has been a journey filled with firsts for all the products that Satronix manufactures. It also introduced the digital SCR/proportional control modules or even the short circuit protected SSR and the non-heat hybrid solid state contactor in the 90s. 
Products at par with industry standards and at times the R&D team takes it even further and making it the best and world class. “We are the leaders in power electronics product manufacturing for years now and are known for constantly moving on to the next level in circuit design and latest component selection is continually incorporated into the new design giving it that edge in terms of quality and performance. The thyristor chips that we use are made using DCB technology (direct copper chip bonded on ceramic substrates) procured from Germany. Satronix has been catering to switching needs of the most demanding applications,” said Rupali Jadhav Menon, CEO, Satronix India Pvt Ltd.
Manufacturing process
Every process from concept to product design, development and manufacturing is accomplished under one roof. This makes the process virtually defect free and smooth allowing faster lead times while making it highly competent, not only does for regular production but also the  custom-built models too,  reach the customer at a very fast pace. Also, the quality control process is a continual one with every batch of component from very known companies is tested for its specifications to see that the standard parameters have been met and complied with. All Satronix products are CE marked and tested under the LVD (Low Voltage Directives) and EMC (Electromagnetic Compliance) signifying conformance with European directives. They also comply with the latest environmental directives like the RoHS. They are currently undergoing the UL agency approval.
Satronix SSR come in many variants like the single and three phase DC input AC output up to 205 A, AC input AC output up to 205 A and higher current and voltage ratings in thyristor casing (250 A, 300 A, 400 A, 500 A). In the single phase DC input DC output also the range is extensive right from Plug-in PCB types of 3A to hockey puck models in high voltage and high current models too available. A very wide range of PCB mount SSRs and relay boards in varied combinations are made by the company. Satronix also has the DUAL series wherein two SSRs are encapsulated in one hockey puck model. Then there are the inexpensive phase control relays used with a potentiometer input. For forwarding and reversing of DC and AC induction motors, Satronix has the DC reversing SSRs and the AC reversing SSRs models from 2 to 7.5KW. 
“We then come to the star among all the products which we can claim its performance to be the best in the world. The digital analog solid state relays and digital SCR or power controllers used for linearly controlling heating loads like ovens, heating coils, furnaces etc. They deliver 100 per cent linearity,” said a company official. 
Solid state relays cater to a range of applications street lights, HVAC, heat pumps, compressors, space applications, defence, communications, building automation, plastic machinery, packaging equipment, machine tools, renewable energy, medical equipment, mining equipment, industrial OEM, material handling, access control, electrical control panels, food and beverages, IoT, etc. All switching solutions come under one roof with the capacitor switching SSRs and the digital capacitor switching modules used for switching capacitor loads for power factor correction.
Satronix manufactures a fit and forget range of virtually maintenance-free range of digital soft starters cum digital energy savers cum optimisers. The company has successfully installed these products from 7.5 HP to 150 HP range in applications like air conditioning systems (at malls & office complexes), industrial presses, die casting machines, injection moulding machines, conveyors, quarries/ mines crushers, tooling and many more.
For details, contact Rupali Jadhav Menon, CEO, Satronix India Pvt Ltd, on Mob: 098204 81824, and email:,
(Communication provided by the management of the company)
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