Easiway Loft Ladder

Easiway Loft Ladder

Youngman India Private Limited

Youngman India Pvt Ltd offers Easiway Loft Ladder. Youngman Loft ladders are perfect for fixed applications where you need to access above roof areas on a regular basis. When not in use, they fold away into the ceiling, keeping the floor area clear, but when needed, it quickly deploys, providing a safe, stable way to access lofts or attics. The aluminium Easyway loft ladder is lightweight, reliable, and made to last. Built from three sliding sections, it stows away above the ceiling when not in use, is easy to deploy, and includes an added handrail for safety while climbing. The ladder weighs just 7Kg, making it easy to install without assistance, and includes complete fitting instructions to walk you through the process. In use, the ladder is easy to use, making use of a pivot arm for smooth, gliding operation. It is extremely safe, with wide and comfortable treads and a side handrail to provide added safety while climbing the ladder. Safe : Wide and comfortable treads offer stability while in use, and unique shoot bolt fastenings to ensure safety. Reliable: Built from industrial-grade aluminium and with high-quality fixings, this ladder will give you a lifetime of service.

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