Dough Rounder

Dough Rounder

A R Enterprises

A R Enterprises (former Alif Ovens) offers a Dough Rounder. This machine is designed with a rotating cone and spiral aluminium tracks around it. The rounder will round the dough pieces after dividing, enables to handle soft and non-standard dough for automatic operation. The rounder can be connected to a dough divider and to a first proover. The cone has ridges and the aluminium tracks are adjustable. Built in blower with cold air prevents the piece from sticking. All moving parts have ball bearings and the machine has castors for transportation. It is covered from all sides as safety precaution to avoid any type of accident and needs very little space and no foundation. A R Enterprises began as Alif Ovens over 25 years ago and has grown to be the biggest quality industrial oven manufacturer in India making all types and all sizes industrial scale, fully automatic diesel or gas fired (indirect) travelling ovens for all varieties of quality biscuits/bread/rusk (toast) baking according to international standards to produce both hard and soft dough variety biscuits to any capacity for a varied variety like sweet, salty, Marie, thin arrow root, cream crackers, enzyme crackers and all sorts of cookies, etc. The temperature profile for each variety of biscuits, bread, rusk (toast), etc., is automatically maintained as per requirements.

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  • Completely enclosed base
  • Adjustable rounding tracks
  • Mechanised flour duster
  • Rounds perfect and improves the texture of finished products
  • Rounding time can be fixed
  • Maintenance free; can be operated by unskilled labour
  • Weight range from 400 to 800 gm
  • On/off switch and line indicator in the front of the machine

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