Conveyor Belts

Conveyor Belts

Kashetter Industrial Essentials

Kashetter Industrial Essentials offers Conveyor Belts. M24 - The product range of M24 (24MPa) Conveyor Belts are abrasion resistant and highly resistant to cuts and gouges. These are mainly used in all mining industries and process industries such as cement (limestone), steel (crushed metallic ores), stone crushing industries (granite & blue metal). N17 - The product range of N17 (17Mpa) Conveyor Belts are abrasion resistant, however applications not requiring the same cut and gouge resistance as that of the M24 Grade. These conveyors belts are mainly used for conveying bauxite, asbestos, ash, chalk, cement, lime, Surface coal etc. 


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  • Cement, concrete plants
  • Sand, gravel, stone industry
  • Road construction machinery
  • Timber industry and sawmills
  • Coking conveyors
  • Broken glass
  • Coal handling plants, Power plants
  • garbage incineration plants
  • Silica sand or materials containing silica sand


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