Accuspirals specialises in developing standard or made to order gears. The company can manufacture gears in inch or metric systems as per AGMA standards. The production facilities consist of top of the line machines including CNC. The commitment to quality starts at the beginning with a thorough verification of incoming material prior to manufacture. The qualified and skilled team take pride in workmanship in performing all operations. To ensure high standards, a sophisticated inspection facility is maintained and various parameters of the finished product such as lead, profile, run out, tooth-to-tooth spacing, etc, checked. Gear types include: spiral bevel, straight bevel, helical bevel, spur, helical, worm and worm wheel, Mikron, timing pulleys and sprockets. Materials used are aluminium, brass, bronze, case hardened steel, cast iron, direct hardened steel, nylon, phosphor bronze, plastic and steel.

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Products from Accuspirals

Face Clutchs and Timer Pulleys Face Clutchs and Timer Pulleys
Worm Shafts Worm Shafts
Sprockets Sprockets
Spline Shafts Spline Shafts

Products from MACHINE TOOLS, POWER & HAND TOOLS Category

Perforated Metal Facades Perforated Metal Facades
Rotary Broaching Tool Rotary Broaching Tool
Polygon Turning Machine - TPT-5S, TPT-5ST Polygon Turning Machine - TPT-5S, TPT-5ST