Bearings for Heavy-Duty Truck Kingpins

Bearings for Heavy-Duty Truck Kingpins

GGB Bearing Technology

DX®10 with DuraStrong™ technology, a new steel-backed bearing material from GGB (formerly Glacier Garlock Bearings), is designed specifically to extend the life cycle and reduce maintenance costs of Class 7 and 8 heavy-duty truck kingpins. The new bearings function particularly well in greased or oiled conditions with high loads, high temperatures and contamination, making them ideal for replacing rolling-element, bimetal or bronze bearings to improve wear performance. In addition to kingpins, potential applications include piston pumps, agricultural and construction equipment, lifts and cranes, automotive oil pumps and as small reciprocating bearings. Produced using a proprietary polymer processing technology, the lead-free bearings feature tough, abrasion-resistant DuraStrong™ sliding surfaces to withstand even the harshest environments. They also provide higher load capacity, greater heat resistance and significantly better wear rates than conventional kingpin bearings, particularly in abrasive conditions. Additionally GGB’s new bearings offer excellent chemical and erosion resistance, as well as good fatigue strength. DX®10 is available as cylindrical bearings, with or without lubrication grooves, oil holes or lubrication pockets, as well as thrust washers.

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