FFS Belts

Heat Resistant Textiles and Belting
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Belts with Profile or with Cleats

Using Bervina’s unique technology profiles and belts are moulded as one. This process provides very flexible profile design possibilities; profiles can be positioned extremely close. This technology gives exact profile spacing and form, strong profile shear strength.

Double Moulded Belt

PU cover moulded onto the base belt back directly, giving smooth running and strong bounding between the belt and the cover. Using different PU compounds can be produced multi durometer and/or multi colour belts. Available hardness:

  • Basic belts: 88-92 ShA
  • Cover: 30-80 ShA

Silicon or Neoprene Covered Belts

Used in packaging industry for haul-off belt. Sales points:

  • The silicone cover resists chemicals and heat
  • Good adhesion
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Vacuum construction is also available

High Temperature Timing Belt

Patent Nr.: US11/396,529 EP 06112081,2
Due to Bervina’s unique and patented technology our timing belts can endure much higher environmental temperature than other ones made from regular material. Our timing belts can be used permanently over 170˚C too.

FDA-Conform Belts

Because these belts are used in food-industry, they are moulded in their own tooling, separated from non-FDA production line, using high quality FDA-conform approved PU compound. One piece moulded profile belts are also available

Perforated Belts

Bervina’s technology enables the perforation of timing belts. Presently there is a possibility to punch holes option-ally. The material of cords causes though some limitation, this procedure can only be performed in case of Kevlar or polyester cords

Fabrication on Tooth Side

It is often necessary to fabricate the teeth of the belt after-wards. For example in case of vacuum belts - besides the perforation - a groove must be cut along the belt. Bervina’s technology enables to cut optional number of the groove. The width of the groove is also optional

Fabrication on The Back Side

Bervina can satisfy different customer needs, whether it is a partial or full fabrication of the backside

Fabrication on The Back Side

  • Fields of use: packaging industry
  • Advantages: long life span, good adhesion, excellent abrasion resistance, and optional direction of rotation
  • Application sample: pulling-off belts of Ishida packaging machines

Belt for Food Industry

  • Fields of use: Sausage Industry
  • Advantages: long life span, Special construction for food industry, FDA compatibility, and cord: stainless steel
  • Application sample: forwarding sausage-like products