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Humidity Measuring Instruments


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Item Code: Testo 608

Testo 608-H1- Testo offers testo 608-H1, a thermohygrometer humidity/dewpoint/temperature incl. battery. It measures humidity, temperature and dewpoint non-stop.


Testo 608-H2: Humidity/dewpoint/temp. meas. instr.. It also includes LED alarm, battery and calibration protocol. Employed with an high accuracy of ±2 %RH ,testo 608-H2 alarm warns if limits are exceeded

Testo 608-H2 alarm hygrometer reliably indicates when humidity and temperature limits have been exceeded in garden centres, warehouses, cleanrooms, museums, laboratories etc, to name a few.




    Testo 608-H1 Features:
  • With dew point calculation td and max/min display
  • Humidity sensor is not affected by condensation
  • Battery monitoring
    Testo 608-H2 Features:
  • All the benefits of Testo 608-H1
  • Testo 608-H2, with LED alarm, warns if limits are exceeded

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