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Thermal Imagers

Thermal Imager

Humidity Temperature Measuring Instrument
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Model ID: Testo 882

Testo 882 - thermal imager in ergonomic pistol design with 320 x 240 pixels. Every detail on the measured object is seen with great clarity with 76,800 temperature measuring points in every image which makes it easier to detect anomalies and weaknesses from greater distances.




  • Temperature range of -20° to 350° C
  • SuperResolution technology to 320 x 240 pixels: SuperResolution technology improves the image quality by one class, i.e. the resolution of the thermal images is four times higher
  • Detector size 320 x 240 pixels
  • Also available with solar mode
  • 32° lens provides large field of view
  • Thermal sensitivity < 60 mK
  • Voice recording using headset
  • Motor Focus for one hand operation
  • Image refresh rate 9 Hz
  • High quality standard lens 32° x 23°
  • Automatic Hot/Cold Spot Recognition
  • Special measurement mode for detecting areas with danger of mould
  • High temperature measuring range up to 550°C
  • Integrated digital camera: Power LED's
  • Isotherm display in instrument
  • Min/Max on Area calculation

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