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Model ID: Testo 350

Testo 350 - the ideal tool for professional flue gas analysis. The users are guided safely through typical measurement tasks through the helpful instrument settings. The measurement tasks include:


  • Flue gas analysis in commissioning, setting, optimization or operational measurements on industrial burners, stationary industrial engines, gas turbines and flue gas purification systems.
  • Function testing of stationary emission measuring instruments.
  • Control and monitoring of officially prescribed emission limits in exhaust gas.
  • Control and monitoring of defined gas atmospheres in furnace rooms or kilns in different processes.


The advantages and real benefits offered by new flue gas Analyser Testo 350:


  • Control unit – small and convenient
  • Analyser box – industrial standard, robust and reliable
  • Thermally separated sensor chamber
  • Easy exchange of the gas sensors
  • Easily accessible service opening
  • Automatically monitored condensate trap
  • External cooling loop

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