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Model ID: Testo 570

Testo 570 - All you need for your work on refrigeration systems and heat pumps is offered by this digital manifold. The internal data store of the testo 570 replaces manual work steps. The easy operation of testo 570 makes this possible. Apart from this, errors can be found and rectified more quickly in cases of malfunction. Manual documentation is a thing of the past. Measurement results can be traced, and reports called up, at any time.




  • 40 refrigerants stored
  • 4 hose parkers, 4-way valve block with 4 connections and sight glass
  • Evacuation of the system supported by integrated vacuum measurement
  • Heat pump mode and display of high, low pressure and temperature as well
  • Additional calculation of superheating and subcooling
  • Computer-supported monitoring of a system with up to 999h of measurement value recording
  • Temperature-compensated tightness testing
  • “EasyKool” software with extended features
  • Refrigerant management and administration of exact filling levels

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