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Humidity Measuring Instruments

Humidity Measuring Instrument

Humidity Measuring Instrument
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Item Code: Testo 635

Testo 635-1- thermohygrometer incl. battery and calibration protocol measures air moisture, material equilibrium moisture, pressure dewpoint in compressed air systems.




  • Cyclical printing of readings once a minute
  • Up to 3 temperature or humidity probes can be displayed; data transmission is radio-controlled, i.e. wireless
  • Measurement data can be transmitted by infrared to the Testo printer
  • precision probes up to -60°C tpd available to inspect pressure dewpoint in compressed air systems
  • Similarly testo 635-2 for measuring air moisture, material equilibrium moisture and pressure dewpoint in compressed air systems
  • Moisture characteristics can be recorded in the instrument memory and analysed and displayed in graphics or tables
  • Instrument memory for up to 10,000 readings

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