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Model ID: Testo 316


Testo 316- Available in four different types :- Testo 316-1 - Even the smallest leaks get detected quickly.


Testo 316-2- Thanks to the integrated pump, optical presentation of the gas concentrations detected, and the integrated rechargeable battery which makes it extremely user-friendly and ideal for fast check measurements.


Testo 316-3- A reliable leakage detector for refrigerants which should be part of every professional's refrigeration technology. With high level of sensitivity of 4 g/a, it detects even the smallest leaks and fulfils the requirements of the F-gas regulation as well as the standards SAE J1627 and EN 14624:2012.


Testo 316-4 -Set 1 the fast and reliable leakage detector for all common refrigerants.

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