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Compressed Air Counters

Humidity Temperature Measuring Instrument
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Model ID: Testo 6446 / Testo 6447

testo 6446- Another variant of Testo Compressed Air Counters used for determining leakages in compressed air systems. Ensures accuracy and reliability even in installed state.




  • All versions with display: volumetric flow rate or consumption
  • Design with inflow stretch
  • 14 diameter types between DN 65 (21/2“) and DN 250 (10“)
  • Parameters: standard volumetric flow rate in Nm³/h or Nl/min; consumption quantity in Nm³
  • Output signals: The following 2 outputs are enabled for selection at the same time:
    • Analog output, 4 to 20 mA (4-wire)
    • Pulse output
  • Choice of pipe materials: Stainless steel or galvanized steel
  • The sensor electronic unit can only be changed in the depressurized state
  • 2 switch signals, programmable (dependent on consumption or volumetric flow rate, NC or NO contact, hysteresis, window)

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