Spot Welding Machine

Spot Welding Machine

Arm Welders Private Limited

Arm Welders are offering long throat depth spot welding machine for fuel tanks.

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  • It is available in AC and 3 phase MFDC versions; high efficiency encapsulated transformer; low loss secondary circuit for maximum welding current.
  • Sturdy RAM for high speed operation; safety cut off switch for water flow in transformer and thyristor and inverter; 50 to 60% power saving with MFDC machines.
  • AC rating – 100KVA to 150KVA AC 2 phase; MFDC rating – 75KVA MFDC 3 phase; throat depth – 800mm to 1200mm.
  • Nominal electrode force at 5.5 bar – 350 kg/550 kg; spot welding capacity – up to 2.5 +2.5mm sheet; secondary current feedback controller.

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