Motorised Material Transfer Wagon / Trolley

Motorised Material Transfer Wagon / Trolley

Amin Machinery Private Limited

Amin Machinery Private Limited offers Motorised Material Transfer Wagon / Trolley. Motorized Material Transfer Wagon/Trolley is meant for transferring material from one bay (shop) to another.Wagon/Trolley moves on Indian standard rail section grouted in ground. Material Transfer Wagons / Trolleys are manufactured with load carrying capacities from 5MT to 500 MT capacities as per customer's requirement.

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  • Transfer Wagon/Trolley has two drive wheels and two idler wheels. Power through both drive wheels has separate gear boxes and electric motors. Both motors are synchronized through AC Variable Frequency Drive. Depending upon the load bearing capacity of transfer wagon/trolley, number of drive wheels and idler wheels are provided. Radio Remote Control is provided to move wagon/trolley to and fro.
  • Spring buffers / Disc springs, Two way limit switches are given as safety measures.
  • Under voltage / over voltage protection is provided into control panel.
  • Transfer Wagon / Trolley is equipped with Siren and Bacon Lights.
  • Motorised Cable Reeling Drum is provided for cable feeding.

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