FRP And GRP Tanks

FRP And GRP Tanks

Aeron Composite Private Limited

Aeron Composite Pvt Ltd offers FRP And GRP Tanks. Over the years, a variety of materials has been used to construct storage tanks for water and wastewater storage. These systems – most commonly constructed of non-reinforced concrete, but also of polyethylene and steel – do not provide many benefits of a fiberglass tank, a tank which is structurally strong, corrosion-resistant, watertight, lightweight and easy to install. They offer a wide range of tank models and materials both vertical and horizontal. Flat Bottom Tanks: The most cost effective design of any tank model, designed to be fully supported on customer supplied concrete pad. Slope Bottom Tanks: Designed to be fully supported by customer supplied concrete pad, but with two options; external or internal slope. Cone Bottom Tanks: When complete drainage is critical, our standard 90° I.A. (Included Angle at Apex) model offers the best solution. The tanks come standard with a primed carbon steel leg support stand. Dish Bottom Tanks: Offering a near complete drain at a more attractive price than cone bottoms yet still provides clearance from the tank bottom to the floor when head pressure is required.


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  • Potable Water Storage Tanks 
  • Chemical Storage Tanks 
  • Blending Tank 
  • Water and waste Treatment Tanks 
  • Mobile Tanks mounted on Trailers 
  • High Pressure Light Weight Cylinders

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