Security Seals for Fire Extinguishers

Security Seals for Fire Extinguishers

Safcon Seals Private Limited

Safcon Seals Private Limited offers tamper proof Security Seals, Ball-Lok, to protect fire extinguishers from tampering. Fire extinguisher is something one hopes may never have to be put to use, but when needed, must be 100% assured of serviceability – that it will work exactly the way it is supposed to work, keeping homes and offices safe and protecting lives from fire. Because fire extinguisher often sits for long periods waiting for a fire emergency, one needs to be certain that no one has tampered with it or used it already, rendering it inadequate to actual needs when fire strikes. An easy and affordable solution to this problem is to purchase anti-tamper seals for all fire extinguishers. Safcon Ball-Lok security seal (Part No. BL-26) is especially designed to fix around the safety pin on the fire extinguisher so one can see at a glance that it has not been used. Safcon security seals are manufactured from virgin high grade plastic materials and are available in yellow colour as standard. Red, orange, green, blue colours can be supplied on request. The security seal is very effective and inexpensive way to ensure a fire extinguisher is unused and ready to go in the event of an actual fire. The security seals are customised with customers’ word logo and/or consecutive serial numbers.

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