Run Flat Tyre Changer

Run Flat Tyre Changer

Sarveshwari Technologies Limited

Sarveshwari Technologies Ltd offers a Run Flat Tyre Changer for Passenger Cars, Model B800. It changes the wheel rim dimension of the changed tyre by adjusting the changing head and the advance and retreat of vertical shaft and adjusts it to the optimised position to enable easy, labour-saving and time-saving tyre changing. It can also avoid damaging the tyre while opening and ensure the quality of tyre changing. The outer clamping of this machine can be up to 30" and it applies to flat and small tire and equipped with a vacuum tire inflation devices. The design of the structural adjustment is reasonable. The pressure in the tank should be adjusted to 0.6 to 0.7 Mpa; blast impact force is large and controlled by double insurance so that it is safe and reliable; it can visually monitor the running position of press wheel. The company and its sister concern, Sarveshwari Engineers, are synonymous with garage tools and equipments. The organisation has collaborated with a large number of companies across the globe for distribution and marketing of world class garage equipments in India. In the automotive industry for over a decade now, the company has constantly evolved with the modern technology so that customer's requirements can be anticipated and effectively met. It has two manufacturing units at Kundli (Haryana) and a training centre at Mangolpuri Industrial Area (Delhi). Advanced training is also imparted to its personnel at the principals’ facilities abroad.

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  • Easy to use, vertical running system
  • Can adjust the front and back distance and is suitable to change tire of 10" to 30"
  • Upper press tray running system – can cooperate with the lower press tray tyre removal, and not damage the tyre rim
  • Lower press tray running system – can cooperate with the upper press tray tire removal and can also complete two-layer tire removal
  • Working head forward and backward running system – can be suitable to change tyre of 10" to 30" sizes
  • Tyre lifting system – lifts the tyre automatically, features time and labour saving
  • Working head rotating system – can quickly adjust the direction of working head to improve the tyre changing speed
  • Cone-shaped press wheel running – more quick when fitting tyre system
  • Safety valve, blast and impact-valve, pressure limit valve can adjust the pressure in the gas storage tank

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