Primary Current Injection Kit

Primary Current Injection Kit

The Motwane Manufacturing Company Private Limited

The Motwane Manufacturing Company Pvt Ltd offers Primary Current Injection Kit. The Motwane make primary current injection MOT-PIK series is most reliable & effective kit for testing & ommissioning of protection system in electrical substation. The PIK series offer high output current up to 3000 Amps with relatively high burden up to 20kVA. It is designed with user friendly features to check operations of the component in protection system including CT, CB, current sensor & relays etc. The Motwane PIK with high VA burden makes it possible to deliver required current to high impedance object like CTs. It has optional feature to measure CT ratio & polarity.


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  • Zero start interlock for safety
  • Variable output current
  • High VA burden to test high impedance object
  • Digital timer for measuring tripping time
  • Auto cutoff upon tripping relay
  • Wide range of Current from 200A to 3000A depending on customer's requirement
  • Wheel mounted for easy transportation
  • Optional - CT Ratio, Polarity

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