Microtex Opzs Batteries

Microtex Opzs Batteries

Microtex Energy Private Limited

Microtex Energy offers microtex OPzS batteries.

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  • Microtex OPzS batteries are used in power generating stations, sub stations, nuclear power plants, offshore rigs and petrochemical plants for critical standby power.
  • These are special tubular plate flooded lead acid batteries made with unique calcium alloys and designed to perform in both high cycling and float applications, to deliver full capacity at the critical moment when it is required.
  • They are housed in distinctive high impact transparent SAN (styrene acrylo nitrile) containers to allow visual inspection of condition of plates inside the cell.
  • Batteries are optimally designed with balanced active materials to provide a 20 year float life.
  • Specially designed calcium lead alloys for positive and low antimony selenium alloys negative grids provides better current conductivity to the terminals with lower internal resistance
  • Presence of tin and special grain refiners ensure high performance plates resistant to grid corrosion; the special calcium alloys prevent water loss and reduce the watering intervals in usage; this is a big positive factor for the maintenance team
  • Patent applied for, smart terminal pole bushing with rubber grommets, stops acid creep and corrosion and allows for movement upwards due to the natural growth of positive terminal which usually occurs after the 7th year of service, ensuring no breakage of cover in its designed service life


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