Titanium Sheet

Titanium Sheet

TGK Special Steel Private Limited

TGK Special Steel Private Limited offers Titanium Sheet. The titanium sheet we offer are using the domestic high-quality titanium sponge as a raw mattly ricterial, strictly control the quality from raw material selection, ingot, billet to forging eolling processes, products in full compliance with GB/T3621, ASTMB265 standard, related technical in dicators have reached the advanced level in the industry, meeting the user's application requirements. Products are widely used in petrochemical, sait, offshore industry, energy generation and other industries, typical applications include: Various types of titanium equipment; Lon-exchange membrane, divide slot; Titanium anodes of boards, basket; Leisure products( titanium case, first-class golf); Used with other metals(copper) composite sheet; Titanium and titanium alloys used in construction board. 

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