High Speed Steel

High Speed Steel

TGK Special Steel Private Limited

TGK Special Steel Private Limited offers High Speed Steel. Steel properties : For all metal-cutting tools for roughing or finishing, such as twist drills, all kinds of milling cutters, screw taps, screw dies, broaches, reamers, countersinks, thread chasers, segments for circular saws, shaping tools and woodworking tools. Also highly suitable for cold-forming tools, such as cold extrusion rams and dies, as well as cutting and precision cutting tools, plastic moulds with elevated wear resistance and screws. Standard high-speed steel grade. High toughness and good cutting power owing to its well-balanced alloy composition; thus suitable for a wide variety to applications. It is typical steel grade of W-Mo current hss, with high toughness, good thermal plasticity, high hardness, as well as red gardness and hot hardness. TGM2 is suitable for produce in high quality cutting tools, such as hob, knife, and milling cutter. TGM2A is suitable for produce in common cutting tools with high toughness, also suitable for cold-forming tools. M2 is suitable for produce common tools.

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