Revenue Protection Security Lock

Revenue Protection Security Lock

Safcon Seals Private Limited

Safcon Seals Private Limited has developed a novel and unique Revenue Protection Security Lock to meet the future challenges of protecting electricity meters from being tampered and to protect revenue. This seal is designed with a unique locking mechanism, which is impossible to open without breaking the security lock. The locking mechanism has been specially designed in such a way that if the lock is tried to open forcibly, the seal will get damaged or broken providing clear tamper indication. The security lock is provided with varied length of specially designed spiralled wire, which, on locking, is securely engaged in the locking mechanism. When the wire is forcibly pulled from outside, the body as well as male part will get damaged providing clear tamper evidence. The outer design of the housing provides better grip than conventional security lock, which facilitates to close the seal smoothly and firmly. The security lock is provided with barcode 1D or 2D with logo, serial numbers, hidden codes, etc., to provide highest level of protection and resist any chance of any duplication of the seal. The outer body of the housing is provided with customer’s logo and matching serial number so that the security lock remains intact and the male and female parts cannot be interchanged with another security lock.

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  • Transparent see-through body and non corrosive, non-magnetic stainless steel adjustable sealing wire
  • Made of high grade polycarbonate material, not affected by boiling water, common solvents, mild acids
  • Designed for single use, destructs when opened
  • Ready to install, easy thumb press closure, no tools needed for installation
  • Ergonomically user friendly
  • Cannot be accidentally opened – simple cutting plier needed for removal
  • Transparent, totally tamper proof – will show clear signs of tampering such as discolouration when the material is compromised by penetration, drilling, cutting, bending or pulling, etc
  • Uniquely numbered for individual accountability
  • Environmentally safe – contains no lead
  • Withstands long-term exposure to direct sunlight
  • UV Rays Resistant
  • Designed to withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Barcoded serial number on request for easy reading by barcode scanner/reader

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