Membrane Nitrogen Tyre Inflators

Membrane Nitrogen Tyre Inflators

Nova Gas Techniques Private Limited

Nova Gas Techniques Pvt Ltd offers Membrane Nitrogen Tyre Inflators. Nova Nitropore Membrane Tyre Inflator has a membrane module, surge tank, storage tank, flow control valves and a Controller housed in a rugged enclosure for indoor & oytdoor use. Nova membrane tyre inflators use asymmetric hollow fiber membrane technology to separate and recover nitrogen from compressed air. Atmospheric air contains 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, and 1% other gases. The membranes use the principle of selective permeation to produce high-purity nitrogen. The resulting stream of nitrogen is dry and ready for use in tyre inflation.

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  • Nitrogen Purity 95.5% to 99%
  • Highly reliable memberane
  • 5 micron & 1 micron coalescing filters
  • Inbuilt nitrogen Storage Tank
  • Pressure based automatic vacuumzing ensures no air in the Tyre during first time nitrogen fill
  • Inbuilt "Tyre counter" helps better monitoring
  • Silent operation
  • Reliable Micro processor controller
  • Pressure units Selectable for "psi" and "bar"
  • Separate key for "Flat tyre" inflation

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