Hydrogen Gas Detector

Hydrogen Gas Detector

Ambetronics Engineers Private Limited

Ambetronics Engineers Pvt Ltd offers a wide range of hydrogen gas detector (GT 2500 FLP) for battery rooms.

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  • Hydrogen is emitted by Lead-acid batteries while charging and discharging. This colourless and odourless gas, when reaches a concentration of 4 per cent to 75 per cent LEL is highly flammable in presence of oxygen. It can cause severe skin burns and eye issues to the workers coming in contact with it. 
  • Ambetronics prevents this issue by manufacturing and installing hydrogen gas detectors. These detectors are further configured with Ambetronics gas monitors whose relay output automatically operates the exhaust fans and thereby ventilates the battery rooms only after the gas build up in room reaches up to 1 per cent LEL.
  • The product technical features include measurement range for Hydrogen 0 % LEL to 100 % LEL, accuracy ± 2% of the full scale value, resolution 1. Sensor used is catalytic bead.  It also offers an inbuilt buzzer cum flasher and easy one man calibration at site. It is ready-to-use with any DCS, PLC & Ambetronics controller.


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