Oil Cooled LT Transformer

Oil Cooled LT Transformer

Kay Pee Corporation

Kay Pee Corporation offers Oil Cooled LT Transformer. Three phase or single phase dry-type Or Oil Cooled low voltage (LV) transformers are used as isolation transformers or to adjust the voltage level in the LV distribution grid. The windings are made of aluminum or copper and For dry Type Transformer impregnated with epoxy resin of thermal class F or H by simple or vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI) And Another Are oil Immersed Transformer. Kay Pee Make low voltage transformers are widely used in industrial applications and in commercial and public buildings. They are also used for adjusting the voltage from 690 V to 400 V or as isolation transformers with a voltage ratio of 1:1, providing galvanic separation. These products are available for various applications in renewable power generation Like Wind Mills or Solar energy , Mines, marine, railways, Uninterruptible power supply (UPS),Chemical Plant, oil and gas industry ,Converters Etc. An isolation transformer is device which is use to decouple two circuit, The Load Comes to the isolation Transformer and to the input supply, Isolation transformer suppresses electrical noices which occurs in transmission line. It is also remove the harmonics in line. Type Of LT Power Transformer : Copper Wound, Air Or Oil Cooled, Core Or shell Type, Auto Or Double Wound, Single Or Three Phase, Three Phase To Single Phase conversion Type, High Power Or High Frequency Type With leakage Inductance And Class Of insulation B Or F.

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