High-Speed Roll-Up Doors

High-Speed Roll-Up Doors

Nordipap Consultants

Nordipap Consultants offers a range of high performance doors from Albany Door Systems, the pioneering force behind the world of door systems. RapidRoll? 330 is available in maximum door width 4000 mm and maximum height 4200 mm. Open doors cause drafts and energy loss. Drafts cause an increase in the number of illnesses among employees and the energy loss results in high energy costs. This is due to the constant reheating of the air in the warm zone and the need to attain a constant cool temperature in the cool zone. The solution is use of high-speed roll-up doors from Albany Door Systems, which guarantees the smooth flow of materials. This reduces energy costs and ensures a constant room temperature. RapidRoll? 330 is a compact, light-weight door, simply a solution for countless applications. With the optional break away, self-repairing mechanism, the door is automatically reset after a collision. The space required for installing the door is minimal. Due to the special curtain tension system, the door can also be used in protected exterior applications.

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