Vegetable Oil Refinery

Vegetable Oil Refinery

Omega Heat Transfer P Limited

Omega Heat Transfer P Ltd provides a Vegetable Oil Refinery for refining of vegetable oils which is essential to ensure removal of gums, waxes, phosphatides and free fatty acids (FFA) from the oils. For capacities higher than 30T/24 hr continuous refining process is recommended against batch refining. Continuous refining comprises of pretreatment/degumming, neutralising, bleaching, deodorisation, dewaxing and physical refining. The company offers project solutions in the field of edible oil extraction plants, refinery plants, hydrogenation plants, cattle feed plants, etc. In the neutralising section, soap stock is separated by centrifugal separator and oil is washed with water. The bleaching section removes pigments. The unpleasant odour released by the oil during neutralisation and bleaching process, is removed in the deodourisation process. The wax is removed from sunflower and corn oil in the dewaxing section. The company is known for its quality testing and measuring methods. It also provides stainless steel pipes and tubes, structural fabrication, and self-cleaning screen filter for cooling tower, stainless steel and mild steel lined storage tanks, conveyors, pressure leaf filters, etc.

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