Multi Speed Gear Drive Rotary Tiller

Multi Speed Gear Drive Rotary Tiller

Agrovision Implements Private Limited

Agrovision implements pvt ltd offers multi speed gear drive rotary tiller (rotavator). it provides wider range of rotor speed 190, 214,239,269,302 for 540 pto rpm and 237, 248, 280,314 for 1000 pto rpm ratios. Rotor speed can be varied (by simple adjustment) as per the tilth quality required and the soil condition available. It’s increased length, width & weight of the blade cuts soil much deeper, gives more soil rotations and incorporating more fibrous materials like sugarcane trash, banana, cotton, etc. depth can be adjusted as per required, by adjusting depth skids & increased thickness of the blade increases the life of blade.

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  • Long lasting blades made out of special quality wear resistance steel. ~ Sealed bearings prevent moisture/mud entry.
  • High quality Drive Shaft.
  • The well shaped adjustable rear trailing Board.
  • The Agrovision Rotavator (Rotary Tiller) produces a fine seed bed with one or two passes before and after rain. It is most suitable for the removal of stubble sugarcane, wheat, banana, cotton. It retains soil moisture and increases soil porosity and areation, which enhance germination and growth of crops.
  • Fuel expenses saving can be to the tune of 15% to 35%
  • It can immediately prepare the soil, the soil moisture of previous crop does not go waste.
  • Pudding in wet fields is done smoothly, quickly and efficiently.

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