Disc Plough

Disc Plough

Agrovision Implements Private Limited

Agrovision type Disc Plough can handle the toughest ploughing jobs. For extremely hard ground and soil with large roots and other obstructions, one can obtain outstanding penetration performance. For soft sticky ground and sandy soil, depth can be controlled through the built-in depth control. The under frame and unit-to-unit clearances are adequate to cope with trashy conditions. Perfect alignment of the sub-beams carrying the Disc bottoms is maintained by virtue of the frame construction. An adjustable and spring-loaded furrow wheel takes care of the side draft and the implement moves smoothly. Disc tilt angle can be varied in three stages to perform on various types of soils.

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  • Agrovision disc plough (tubular frame) disc plough is designed to work in all types of soil for basic functions such as soil breaking, soil raising, soil turning and soil mixing.
  • It is used to open the new farm to process for cultivation.
  • It can be used easily in hard soil and rooted areas.
  • It is especially useful in hard and dry trashy land conditions and in soils where scouring is a major problem.
  • In conformity with the soil conditions it is being produced with 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 disc (bottom) version with an option for extra kit for converting it to extra disc plough.
  • It is directly mounted to the tractors.
  • The extra heavy-duty seamless tubing frame has high trash clearance allowing the plough to operate under heavy crop residue.

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