Plates for Dry/Wet Running Clutches & Brakes

Plates for Dry/Wet Running Clutches & Brakes

Ortlinghaus Drive Technology India Private Limited

Ortlinghaus Drive Technology India Pvt Ltd, a 100 % owned Indian subsidiary of Ortlinghaus Group, offers Plates for Dry and Wet Running Clutches and Brakes. Extra ordinary performance of Ortlinghaus plates in different segments is the result of more than one hundred years of R&D. In every multi-plate clutch or brake there are inner plates, which are driven on the inner diameter together with a hub; and outer plates, which are driven on the outer diameter together with a housing. Either the inner or outer plate can be the driver or driven side. This depends on the type of clutch or brake and the drive mechanism. These plates can work in wet or dry running environments depending on the application. In wet-running environment, it is necessary to consider the lubricating or cooling oil as it plays a decisive roll in the frictional process. Today, in wet-running clutches and brakes friction combination of steel/sinter lining is preferred over the "classical" friction combination of steel/steel. Also for some applications, friction combination of steel/paper is opted for better results. The main advantage of wet running plates is freedom from wear and thus enhanced life. Dry running clutches and brakes generally use a friction combination of steel/organic lining or steel/sinter lining. However, dry running plates are subject to more wear compared to wet running plates. Ortlinghaus plates are being used in India by reputed OEMs in transmissions of trucks (tippers/tractors, etc.), earth movers like back hoe loaders, excavators, dump trucks, in hydraulic motor brakes for conveyors, in winches, in marine gearboxes. The products are available at very competitive prices: standard plates from catalogue; plates (as per customers’ drawing) as exact replacement to existing plates; and plates for an entirely new application. The company also manufactures pneumatic and hydraulic clutches, brakes and combined clutch-brake units especially for mechanical presses and hydraulic clutches, brakes for the above said applications.

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