Magnetic Powder Brake

Magnetic Powder Brake

Application Systems

Application Systems offers Magnetic Powder Brake. Magnetic particle brakes and clutches are popularly known as powder brakes and clutches. Powder brakes/clutches are proportional torque devices; and the torque is controlled by varying the excitation current. This torque is strictly proportional to excitation. These devices have minimal drag torque, i.e., at zero excitation, torque is minimal and near to zero. These devices are for high-torque, low power applications. Powder brakes and clutches are manufactured in wide range of torque rating starting from tiny 0.2 kg.m (2 Nm) to massive 1000 kg.m (10000 Nm), and comes in self cooled, forced cooled and water cooled models. These devices come with matching electronics to meet the most exacting applications. Powder brakes and clutches are real torque control devices, meaning braking or clutching torque is strictly proportional to excitation current. The magnetic powder clutch and brake achieves high braking or clutching torque at low control power. Torque controlled is independent of slip speed.

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