Electro-Hydraulic Brakes

Electro-Hydraulic Brakes

Emco Dynatorq Private Limited (Formerly Emco Lenze Private Limited )

Emco Dynatorq Pvt Ltd offers Electro-Hydraulic Brakes. Electro-hydraulic brakes can be extensively used for various mechanisms deceleration and stopping/braking of various lifts, belt transport, port handling, metallurgical and building machinery. For designing of new machines this is ideal as a corollary product. The asbestos free brake linings are of insertion type, which is convenient for quick replacement. Released or closed position limit switch can realize the signal indication of whether the brake is normally released or closed. The main hinge points are equipped with self-lubricating bearings, making high efficiency of transmission, long performance life and lubricating unnecessary during the course of operation. The new types of thrusters as corollary equipment, work acutely and have long life. Braking torque is up to 33600 Nm for maximum disc dia 1250 mm. Torque is adjustable. Electro-hydraulic disc brakes are advanced products with high performance and multiple functions. The company also offers Electro-Hydraulic Brakes, Spring Applied Brake, Calliper Brakes, IIndustrial Electromagnetic Brakes & Clutches,

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