Disc Brakes

Disc Brakes

Sibre Brakes (India) Private Limited

Sibre Brakes (India) offers Disc Brakes, Model USB3. The disc brakes in the USB3 series are a completely new development; a combination of the dead weight brake and the spring-loaded brake. In combination with the revised automatic adjustment control, the new series provides an almost maintenance-free solution in brake technology. The new brake system is available in three sizes thus offering a solution for even the most diverse braking tasks. The result of a narrower and more compact brake design is an improvement in performance in excess of 70%. By optimising the cam position (cam behind the brake lever fulcrum) a continual increase in the lever gearing is achieved when brakes are operated. Opening of the brakes, particularly when using the cam position the brake disc release is more than adequate in all positions. Use of dual brake springs in the USB3-III with flexible spring characteristics guarantees optimal utilisation of the Eldro force available. Central induction of spring force into the brake linkage in order that no overturning moment in the link points of the angular lever arises. Brake efficiency is significantly increased, right and left versions no longer required. These brakes are the logical result of SIBRE's continual work in the area of R&D. They have been tailor-made with the needs of the user in mind, particularly for users of crane, conveyor belts or transfer equipment, bucket wheel excavators, etc. For almost 50 years, Siegerland Bremsen, well known under its brand name SIBRE, remains one of the leading manufacturers of industrial brakes.

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