Construction Equipment Braking System

Construction Equipment Braking System

Carlisle Brake & Friction

Carlisle Brake & Friction offers construction equipment braking system. The company has been the supplier of brake products to the mining industry for a long time, and offers park and emergency brakes, service brakes, hydraulic valves, friction materials, and master cylinder, booster, midi booster, and slave cylinder. Meeting the challenge as the construction equipment makers shifted to wet braking technology, Carlisle Brake & Friction lays high emphasis on quality. Serving OEs and adapting to changes in the industry, Carlisle Brake & Friction products conform to high quality standards, are durable and made from long lasting, endurance-tested materials. Serving the after market apart from OEs, the company is a leading solutions provider of high performance and severe duty brake, clutch and transmission applications in the mining, military, construction, agricultural, motor sports, industrial and aerospace markets. The strength of the company lies in the brands it deals in, namely Wellman, Hawk Performance, Cragar, Black Rock, Japan Power Brake, VelveTouch, and Field Pro apart from its own brand of products.

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