Clutch-Brake Combination Electromodule

Clutch-Brake Combination Electromodule

Francis Klein and Co Private Limited

The unit is available in 6 V DC and 24 V DC. The application areas are packaging machines like bag maker, pouch maker, FFS machine which require maximum cycle rate and accuracy. With electromodule, one can go up to 150 start/stops per minute on a bag maker with suitable over excitation control. Due to constant response time of the clutch and brake throughout the life, there is no wastage. The initial investment is recovered in a short time.

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  • Modular design, therefore feet mounted/flange mounted unit with shaft/hollow shaft input and output can be assembled to suit user mounting requirements
  • Warner patented Autogap system, therefore no need of maintenance or airgap readjustment for the end user
  • Friction face is of non asbestos material, steel on sintered material which gives long life
  • No hysterisis problem.

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