SK Pharma Machinery Private Limited

SK Pharma Machinery Private Limited offers Steriproserve. S.K.'s biotechnology & Pharmaceutical specialist have years of experience solving problems related to liquid processes. Highly polished finishes on parts and attention to validation paperwork is given to satisfy all necessary industry requirements. From the largest national Biotechnology companies to the smallest pharmaceutical gel cap manufacturers for vitamins, customers have relied on S.K. for their essential plant and process requirement. 

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  • Zero dead leg aseptic design of bottom outlet valve.
  • Calibrated full view glass for the blending vessel.
  • CIP & SIP style design vessel, fitting & piping.
  • Volume monitoring by load cells.
  • Process Automation.
  • Steri connection flanges to avoid product contamination.
  • Inbuilt CIP-SIP provided.

Products from SK Pharma Machinery Private Limited

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