Hydraulic Disperser, High Speed

Hydraulic Disperser, High Speed

Modern Engineering Co

Modern Engineering Co offers a high speed Hydraulic Disperser. The present abundant supply of both readily dispersible pigments (jet milled surface treated) and ready mode colorant dispersions, together with the availability of compact and efficient heavy-duty power surface, has led to the development of high speed disk type impeller disperser that can premix, grind, and let down in a single piece of equipment. A hydraulic ram and cylinder provided at the centre of the column lifts the head. Also available with variable speed by grinding of 7+ Hagmann gauge can be archived by variable speed disperser used in paints, primer, putties, distempers, etc. Hydraulic disperser: for quick mixing, blending, dispersing, homogenizing and shearing of various liquids and semi solids used in paints, emulsion, printing inks, chemicals, and other allied industries. It calls for a relatively low initial capital investment, and the only working part requiring replacement is the inexpensive impeller disk.

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