Kit For Plastic Moulding

Kit For Plastic Moulding

Integrated Technology

Integrated Technology offers IT Kit for Plastic Moulding. Plastic moulding presents challenges for operation and maintenance of machines and tooling since the equipment runs at elevated temperatures and most often continuously. IT plastic moulding kit consists of a set of maintenance aerosols used for maintenance of the die/tooling and ‘Coratex’ purging emulsion for online cleaning of the barrel, screws, dies, etc. The set of maintenance aerosols includes a high performance precision cleaner/degreaser spray and two product types for corrosion protection of the moulds and tooling, etc. The mould protection coatings are highly effective and protect the components till up to 2 years. Coratex is a world renowned brand used online for an effective purging to prepare the machine when changing the colour, material or clearing out the machine of all burnt/decomposed materials.

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